A big thanks goes to NightStryke for taking the 2A Spring Challenge!  NightStryke is the creator of GunTube.org and we appreciate his support!  He also helps out with our sever here at 2AFund.com and this help is also greatly appreciated!

I love natural materials so when I found this company on Amazon that sells these high heat stamps, I immediately thought of trying to make some wood and leather patches. I will have a video soon showing the process and will eventfully have these on our yard sale link to allow people to support our cause. You can also support us buy buying from our Amazon links. Any and all support will be appreciated. 2aheatstamp450

Frustrated with how I see some big 2nd Amendment organizations losing their grassroots, I have set out to help fund projects that I think keep the spirit of freedom alive. These will be small projects that I think will have a large impact on awareness of the 2nd Amendment.

Projects such as funding trips to events for people I see as ambassadors for the 2nd Amendment.  It might include paying for a hotel room for Shot Show or gas money to get to the Gun Rights Policy Conference   I can see funding some rebels to go the annual NRA meeting and causing a fuss there! There will be many fun projects to fund.  Maybe you can help!

I also want to produce my own report card on organizations we expect to maintain support for the 2nd Amendment.  I think we all know where this is leading, much fun! If you want to help, contact me here.  I will be holding several fundraisers a year and selling different items such as firearms, gear and t-shirts.  All of this is coming soon!

You can support us and get cool stuff by shopping our Yard Sale.  You can also support us by donating cool things to sell.  100% of sales will go to "Supply Drops" and grassroots 2A projects.  Contact me if you have items you want to donate and we will list them.  You do not have to ship them to me.  I will pay for your postage to send them to the buyer.  This will save paying postage twice on the item.   Thanks for any support you can give.  It is all appreciated and you can always nominate someone or an organization for a Supply Drop!.

SupplyDropNumI am happy to announce that our first "supply drop" goes to GunWebsites.com.  When I think of people I have met over the past 12 years on YouTube, Gwebs, as he is affectionately known, is the first person who comes to my mind that has set an example for me with regards to 2nd Amendment advocacy.  From the informative videos he makes on his YouTube channel to the community he has built at gunchannels.com, no one else comes to my mind to support with our first effort.

Gwebs will be making the trip to Shot Show this year and we want to contribute to that effort.  We are contributing $100 with no strings attached.  We will never ask for anything in return. Just the satisfaction to know we have contributed is enough.  

We will be donating $100 a month to different individuals and/or groups this year to help fund grassroots 2nd Amendment projects. So be on the lookout for more "supply drops"!  I hope to expand our budegt to fund even bigger projects in the future. If you want to contribute to this cause, contact me here. More info coming soon!