Some weeks ago, out of the blue, I received a request for help from Chief Don (my name for him becaue of my ignorance of military ranks :) He needed some quick help with drawings and material take-off for some structures that were to be located in places I was not qualified to know :)  My gut told me to take on the task without even asking any questions accept for "what do you need?"

Since then I have helped with a few projects and one day Don told me I was going to recive a package in the mail.  I got really excited and today the package arrived at my door.  It was the most awesome plaque made by the most awesome lady!  To me, this is like getting paid in gold!  

I continue to help out and challenge all of you to find ways to support our military with your own talents.  It is a lot of fun and very satisfying knowing that in some small way you contributed to the good fight!  Thanks Chief and tell all the guys and gals in your unit I said "hooah"  Did I say it right? :)

Please watch the video below that explains our first five months.  Our next five months are dependent on those who want to see us succeed.  Or you can go HERE to see the report with the links to the recipients and donors. Thanks!

A big thanks goes to NightStryke for taking the 2A Spring Challenge!  NightStryke is the creator of and we appreciate his support!  He also helps out with our sever here at and this help is also greatly appreciated!

May 2019 "Supply Drop" goes to The Warrior Connection.  The Warrior Connection (TWC) provides residential retreats and services to Veterans and their families to heal the invisible injuries incurred while in uniform.  TWC offers specialised programs for military men, women, and their families.  Thanks to my good friend Chief Don who is currently serving and suggested this great organization.

I love natural materials so when I found this company on Amazon that sells these high heat stamps, I immediately thought of trying to make some wood and leather patches. I will have a video soon showing the process and will eventfully have these on our yard sale link to allow people to support our cause. You can also support us buy buying from our Amazon links. Any and all support will be appreciated. 2aheatstamp450